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The Making Of A Short Film/Documentary Called “Going Home”

The making of a short film called “Going Home” is a short twelve-minute documentary filmed for the most part, in Cairo, Egypt. The film’s purpose is to document the return of a man who is turning sixty and has not been back to visit his place of birth in thirty years. With a complicated childhood and the hunger to fit in the world of Hollywood, California, not going back seemed like the wisest decision at the time.

Thirty years ago, the young man experienced his mother’s final days, and according to life’s plan, he did not get to see her during her passing or attend her funeral. This experience left him with guilt and shame for years to come and ultimately to shut down.

With zero experience in making a short film/ documentary but on a mission to tell his story with the hope that it will clear his karma and bring healing from years of trauma, this documentarian was poised to tell it from the heart. He understood he needed a storyline, a beginning, a middle, and end, a good narrative, and being as raw and vulnerable as possible. An iPhone 12 is all that was used and a lot of creative divine inspiration over three months.

Going Home received great reviews in its first week of release on youtube. Viewers suggested the film should be submitted to different film festivals.

This experience left the filmmaker feeling humbled and gratified that maybe his story brings healing and a voice to others one day on the big screen. Feel free to share your thoughts below and share the film with other fans of documentaries.

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