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Summer Of 2020. AKA Summer Of Covid19

Summer of 2020 will be forever remembered as the ”summer of Covid19.” It was spring leading into summer when humanity needed to adjust its way of living. Every day seemed like groundhog day, some were forced to become creative in order to exist, and others were forced into depression and despair. I experienced both. The perfect description of living in a ” World of Duality.”

Decades from now, the questions will be: It was Summer of Covid19, how was your summer? How did you participate?

On a personal level, I had more time on my hands than I ever wished for before. So, I decided to dive into different projects, learn new skills, and dare to override my depression.

  • First, I dedicated Monday nights to host a men’s group zoom meetings. The meeting is designed for men living in isolation with no relatives, roommates, or significant others. The idea was to give a safe space to share our experiences during this unforgettable summer, summer of 2020.
  • ext, I dove into very unfamiliar territory and learning the world of hosting a Podcast. The podcast is called “Signature West Podcast. “

The story behind the podcast is simple:

I have been very fortunate to have great mentors/teachers throughout my life. Not only did they mentor me and shape me into who I am today, but they also helped to elevate my consciousness to a higher level. Now I want to pay it forward by hosting such wise people & others I have yet to meet for a conscious driven conversation to serve and lift others, the audience.

Signature West Podcast will be available in early fall 2020. That’s how I participated in the summer of 2020, the summer of Covid19. Feel free to follow me on Instagram @SamWestPS or please subscribe to my youtube channel for free. Follow us on Instagram @SamWestps

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