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Conscious Living Practice…A New Paradigm For Sustainable Success

Conscious living practice ..a new paradigm for sustainable success. The truth is conscious living practice been around for years but more in the for-front recently in a world that is forever changing, or known as “World post Covid19”.

You will find that Conscious Practice applies in almost every area of our lives or the areas that we want to have sustainable success.

  • Conscious practice in the workplace
  • Conscious leadership
  • Conscious Parenting
  • Conscious dating
  • Conscious friendships

The old ways of doing business, dating, or parenting are no longer sustainable. So what does conscious practice look like?

Purpose: one must start with “WHY “. As Simon Sinek illustrates the “Why” beautifully, by why I don’t mean profit, but rather what is your purpose, your value, Why do you get up in the morning? Why are you in this job, this marriage, or having the friends you have?

Leadership: How do you lead? Where is your consciousness when you lead? Is your leadership motivated only by winning and what’s in it for you? Is your leadership about profitability and the happiness of the stockholders?

Culture: By culture I mean is your work environment inspiring, uplifting, and supportive? Do your friends motivate you and your time spent with them is uplifting? Do your children get inspired by your parenting style?

These are all great questions..I found that great companies always have great culture settings. Where education, integrity, and personal growth are the leading force and the company dollar is a result of great company culture.

Great leaders throughout history were very clear on their “WHY”. whether they were protesting, building an empire, or finding the next fashion trend.

Conscious practice doesn’t happen overnight, it starts with awareness. Some of us already practice it and might not be aware of the term. A silver lining from COVID 19 is we are living more consciously aware. Aware of what fulfills us, aware of our codependency, aware of our greatness.. just more aware.

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