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US Housing Shortage Hits 7.2M Homes Amid Record-Setting Market Value Growth in 2023

US housing shortage hits 7.2 million homes. In a year of unprecedented growth, the U.S. housing market has shown resilience and value, with a total increase to $47.5 trillion, marking a 5.3% rise from the previous year. This signifies not just a national trend but a golden opportunity for homeowners in Los Angeles, where demand for new homes outpaces supply.

 With a nationwide shortage of 7.2 million homes and an ever-growing demand, we stand at the forefront of an incredible housing market. The average U.S. home value has surged to $495,183, reflecting the potential for significant returns on your property.

 Now is the opportune moment to consider listing your home. The scarcity of available properties in your city, coupled with the robust growth in home values, positions your home as a highly sought-after asset. By selling now, you can capitalize on the current market dynamics and maximize your investment.

 I understand the importance of finding the right buyer and securing the best possible outcome for your sale. My team is committed to leveraging these market conditions to your advantage, ensuring a smooth and profitable selling experience.

With demand high in certain price points, you have the option to sell and still stay in your home, meaning you can sell your property even if you haven’t purchased a new one yet. We are happy to explain explain how this works in more detail and as always we stand by to offer any information/ideas/perspectives to you, your friends and your family as needed.

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