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Palm Springs, California’s Top-Three Real Estate Sales – Q1 2023

Nestled amongst high-forested mountains and sitting on the edge of the great deserts of Southern California, the oasis of Palm Springs beckons locals and out-of-staters alike, who are looking to purchase properties in the area.  Located a mere two hours from the bustling metropolis of Los Angeles, Palm Springs’ scenic surroundings and desirable location are further enhanced by its enchanting geographic layout and robust real estate market.  Without the proper guide to Palm Springs’ neighborhoods, however, potential buyers run the risk of purchasing property in a neighborhood that might not suit them.

Palm Springs is apportioned into three distinct neighborhoods – namely: North Palm Springs, Central Palm Springs, and South Palm Springs. It is very common in all three neighborhoods that some Real Estate purchases can come with “Land Lease“ attached to its title.  That means extra monthly payments and extra financing requirements. That being said, buyers have options depending on their final goals, so knowledgeable real estate agents are key to the process.  Each neighborhood boasts a rich history, distinct values-based architecture, and socially and culturally diverse populations. At one end of the city as you enter from the west is the community of North Palm Springs, followed by central and south. 

3060 N Puerto Del Sol, new construction , sold for $2,200,000

The next neighborhood – Central Palm Springs – can be found between the South and North Palm Springs, and is known for its historic buildings, culture, and inhabitants, it is also where you will find the art district and Palm Springs Downtown. The neighborhood’s architecture attracts many tourists, particularly those interested in the Spanish-Colonial homes once owned by stars like Elizabeth Taylor, Judy Garland, Cary Grant, and Liberace, each of which stand grandly against a backdrop of gorgeous mountains. Proud ownership usually takes place due to its mountain views.  Finally, Central Palm Springs’s downtown is a hub of visitor activity, with tourists flocking especially during Thursday night “ VillageFest”  to its shopping, restaurants, and Palm Springs Art Museum.

360 N Via Las Palmas , mid century, sold at full price in 8 days for $3,850,000

Just south of Central Palm Springs is the South and the end of the city of Palm Springs. Like its northern neighbors, South Palm Springs’ population value their neighborhood’s historic architecture as well as its prime location and it is most known for the iconic home previously owned by the late Bob Hope. At the end of the day from the North end to the South end, is probably less than a ten mile stretch. 

2471 S Caliente Dr mid century, sold for $2,8750,000

We understand purchasing Real Estate can be a daunting process, we are her to help, offer any information/ideas/perspectives to you,your friends and your family as needed. Feel free to reach out. 

photo by Patrick Ketchun 360 N Vista Las Palmas

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