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Cathedral City, The Cove! – It’s More Than A Neighborhood

Cathedral City, The Cove! – It’s More Than A Neighborhood, its a community. Looking for a warm,artistic, and history-embracing community located in Coachella Valley? Well, look no further than the enchanting Cathedral City Cove neighborhood! Not only does it boast lush, beautiful scenery, situated on the top of a hill , social and cultural inclusiveness, and value-driven real estate market – where purchasers can get more property for their money and sellers have seen their investments appreciate dramatically – are attractive across the board.The highest sale in 2023 was a 3 bedroom , 2 bathrooms listed for $929,000 and sold for $934,000

Beginning with its geography, the Cathedral City Cove neighborhood is a short 15-minute drive from Palm Springs’s bustling downtown, 10 minutes to the Palm Springs International Airport, and comprises the section of Cathedral City that lies south of East Palm Canyon Drive between Date Palm Drive and Bankside Drive, and fans out into the rolling foothills of the Santa Rosa Mountains. Legend has it that in 1850, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Colonel Henry Washington likened the area’s expansive desert canyons to the interior of a grand cathedral – a concept that took hold and stuck in the coming decades. The area was officially incorporated as Cathedral City in 1981.

Presently, the Cove proudly boasts a colorful history as the home of original inhabitants of the Coachella Valley, the Cahuilla Indians, and, later, as a melting pot of sorts for working families and eclectics in search of expressive freedom. Indeed, Cathedral City Cove is a colorful, vibrant, and proud LGBTQ community that is also popular amongst the area’s local artists – especially painters, photographers and writers who have been honing their craft in the
eclectic neighborhood for almost a century.One of the most notable Cove residents was Agnes Pelton, a then-unknown artist who bought a plot of land in the Cove in 1937, more than 40 years before its incorporation. Over the following decades, Pelton painted desert landscapes, imagined characters and settings and, occasionally, abstract works. In 2009, the “modern,” and “transcendental” painter’s works were exhibited alongside those of Georgia O’Keeffe at the Orange County Museum of Art.

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