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It was recently announced that in the United States, inflation is at its highest since 1991. To be fair, it is also high in most parts of the world. But in the United States, is housing prices sustainable?. Depending on who you ask, you will get somewhat different answers: Sellers and some homeowners feel a huge amount of security and feel as life is in its blissful era Buyers, especially  [ Read More ]

Every great company begins with valuable resources/team that is made of consummate professionals. Signature West believes in collaboration, integrity, and being conscious-driving. Signature West created a team of valuable professional resources by vetting every single one. Each one was either did business with or met one on one and was asked the most prudent question; Does he/she knows what makes a consummate professional? Everyone nailed the right answer and just  [ Read More ]

Real Estate Associates, Associate Brokers, opportunities Knocking Signature West Real Estate services in Fort Lauderdale was given birth by Joseph West Broker and owner in late 2018. Joseph is 25 years veteran in the Real Estate industry from Beverly Hills, California and recently relocated to South Florida. We know and understand no one can build a brand/business alone, no one is that smart. We believe in collaboration and we are  [ Read More ]

Independent Contractors, Contracts And The Fine Prints. Independent contractors according to the IRS are the ones in which get paid by a W2 form at the end of the year as appose to a 1099 form. Some independent contractors believe they are self-employed, which is partially true in some cases and partially not true especially when it comes to Real Estate Agents. Most Real Estate agents believe they are self-employed because they are independent contractors.  [ Read More ]