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Without Family Ties: Is a satisfying and enlightening autobiography about a young man’s emotional evolution and spiritual awakening through a series of relationships, business endeavors, and personal obstacles.

  • In 2002

With some childhood questions gone unanswered, and a driven creative psyche, the author began putting thoughts on paper. This would lead to giving birth to this labor of love autobiography called “Without Family Ties“.

No sense of direction or writing skills, the only motivating factor was purely instinct to put thoughts on papers while serving the creative psyche. Eventually the unanswered childhood questions were answered and the only remaining question was : Now what ?

The idea of perhaps putting these papers into a book crossed the author’s mind but with self doubt and life throwing itself at him he put the idea on hold and the notes were saved on a PC file.

  • In 2009

With accumulation of misfortunes and some wrong decisions making, life lessons were bigger that life itself. One way to cope was to go back to writing while healing. Now there is a more juicy story to be documented and yes why not a book to share with the world. Again life happened and after more pages were written the idea of completion was put back on hold and notes were saved on a PC file.

  • In 2017

The universe was much kinder and the stars must have been aligned with the author’s creative psyche. The file was re-opened from the PC and more writing continued till the story came to a meaningful ending. An editor to edit the story was found as easy as finding the local grocery store. The editor after completing the job refereed the file to local publishing company and this would be the completion of what began in 2002.

In the discovery of this evidence, I found the secret of attraction:

What is the secret of attraction ?

Just be yourself

If you can simply radiate unaffected humanity, you will be immensely attractive.

An autobiography titled “Without Family Ties “can be found at: