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West Hollywood pop culture latest documentaries. If you lived in West Hollywood in the 1980s until mid-2000 you probably witnessed, heard of maybe visited :

  • Studio One
  • Circus of Books
  • Angelyne

Studio One was one of the most iconic discos in West Hollywood/Los Angeles. Open from 1974-1993, it was one of the longest-lasting establishments of the disco era to the gay community. Studio One was a massive temple of excess and exclusion, proving that progress for some is often the same as progress for none”. The documentary is due to be released in the near future. For more updates, you may visit their FB page

Circus of Books currently playing on Netflix. a porn shop and epicenter for gay clientele that was owned by a Jewish straight married couple. Then came the internet and demolished the small family-owned business.

Angelyne, a local personality on a quest to be famous. Famous for? That’s yet to be determined. She began getting recognized in the early 1980s driving around town in her pink Convertable corvette. She had a distinguished hair style. That followed by having giant billboards all over West Hollywood and parts of Los Angeles with a picture of herself driving the pink corvette. The billboards were titled “Angelyne”. Eventually, her dream came true she was a household name in West Hollywood and people would stop to take photos of her.

As you will find out after watching these documentaries, Studio one had been closed for many years and sadly there are talks about demolishing the building. Circus of books as mentioned earlier had to go out of business. However, Angelyne is still driving around town in her pink corvette.