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Only in South Florida, one will find the realtors’s obsession with the term lead generation.

For South Florida, Real Estate agents,’ Lead Generation ” stands for: “In marketing, lead generation is the initiation of consumer ” seller or a buyer “interest or inquiry into buying or selling Real Estate”.

Almost if not all South Florida realtors are dependant 100% on this program/ service to run their business.  The program can cost around $500 a month or more.  Agents see no problem paying that kind of money, especially in a thriving market. It works for them profit wise and it certainly became the new normal.

In my humble opinion, it is a dysfunctional and lazy business practice. In my 25 year career selling real estate in Los Angeles California, I never heard of a program /service called “Lead Generation ” to earn my living. In addition, in cities like San Francisco, San Diago, Beverly Hills, Chicago even New York City, that type of business practice is unheard of.

While I am recruiting almost every single candidate, the first question he/she would ask:

  • Do you have a lead generation program?
  • Me: Can I get your last name 1st?

It is a fascinating culture but at the same time, it explains why most South Florida Realtors have the image they do in and outside of South Florida. In cities like Los Angeles, Malibu, San Fransico, Beverly Hills, New York, and San Diego Agents create their own lead generations, by networking, building relationships that follow with referrals and so on.

In these cities, agents focus on the one client they have and give him/her 100% of loyalty, attention, and integrity just like the old saying goes ” a bird in one hand is …….

In South Florida, it is impeded in the agent’s culture by using the Lead Generation program, if the 1st call drops or they miss it, there ‘ll be a second one and third one and so on.  Not counting on the fact that the 2nd call can be a looky-loo, the third call may not be qualified and the fourth call can be a total waste of time. In a nutshell, most agents are not present. Present with the one single important person in front of them that matters the most which is the “CLIENT”. or as they call it “Customers“.  Unless you take Gary Lanham , 80% of his business is via referral

In South Florida most not all real estate agents:

  • dont return their calls
  • don’t show up for the appointment.

It happened to me the other day as a buyer. The listing agent simply did not show up and when my agent and I  called him with the confirmation, he was ” Oh well “.

Not knowing for sure, but my gut feeling tells me he moved on to the next phone call from his lead generation Program. I am not making fun of the South Florida Realtors business models, but one can’t help it notice the difference between South Florida and the rest of the nation.

Or at least cities like Los Angeles, Malibu, San Fransico, BeverlyHills, New York, and San Diego and so on. I can summerise this difference is one term ” Conscious Business Practice ” or lack of in South Florida.

Maybe one day it will change maybe it will not. Being in the industry for 25 years and fairly new to south Florida, I couldn’t help it noticing the difference. So my goal is to do what I love,

  • Introduce change to one agent at a time
  • Lead by example
  • Turn zeros into heroes

Please share your thoughts below especially if you live in the South Florida area and let’s make the change and not promote the status quo or follow the monkey next door.