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South Florida Employers offering $8.50 an hour for college graduate.

South Florida Emplyers

South Florida Employers

I am not an Employer but I am an independent contractor helping clients achieve their goals. Those goals varies from one client to another, but at the end of the day the goals are always about growth.

I meet with different kind of people with different back grounds, however there is always the discussion about making a career move. I always teach the concept of:

  • Do What You Love, Money Will Follow

Recently in South Florida I discovered a very alarming phenomena. A phenomena between South Florida employers and employees. Some of my clients were in the process of changing careers and following my principle:

  • Do What You Love, Money Will Follow

These clients were:

  • With Long extensive resumes
  • College Graduates
  • Been in the work force for at least a decade or longer

All these clients found a very common approach from the South Florida employers. They found offerings about positions they love and very qualified for but there was a catch. South Florida employers have the audacity to offer position with $8.50 to $10.50 an hour before taxes to college graduates, often a BA is required.

I have to admit I worked with clients in other major cities and never seen such a disappointing mind set. I began asking different employers in South Florida to where this new normal began. I was surprised to hear mostly blame and hardly any accountability. One employer I contacted said this :

  • Maybe if the government will regulate employer less, we can afford to pay more

Here was my response to that statement:

  • Have you heard of: you get what you pay for ?
  • Have you heard of: you want to the horse to run you need to feed it?
  • Have you heard of: change begins from the top and not following the status quo ?

This is a much deepen problem that will not be solved over night. While employers lack the basic fundamental steps to make a business grow, employees are doing nothing to advocate for change. Instead here is what some employees told me:

  • You’re better off driving Lyft or Uber.
  • When I first moved here 40 years ago I was told Florida is not a place to make money it’s a place to spend money
  • I can tell you  customers aren’t willing to spend money. It’s hard to have a retired clientele who still live with the prices of the 60s.

Adler Social – in Pompano Beach is offering $10.00 an hour for a college graduate requiremnt:










I can not help it but to believe, change is the only thing that is constant and change begins with you and I.