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The Seven universal laws of success

Posted by Sam November - 12 - 2019 0 Comment
The Seven universal laws of success. Why seven not three or eight? There is something magical about the number seven. For example , there are seven days in the week, Seven notes in music and seven colors in the rainbow. Could be be a coincidence ? I think not !! You will find plenty of books on the number 7, here are a few ..
  • The seven universal laws by Deepak Chopra
  • Empower yourself : 7 steps to personal success by John Martin
  • 7 rules of engagement by Linda B Gambrell . Coincidence ? We think not . So what are these seven universal laws according to one of the books?
  • The law of Pure Potentiality. We are all in a potential state to be the best version of ourselves. To do better than yesterday. If we all felt or thought we reached the top of our game, then ask yourself the question? What am I doing here on planet earth? We are never done and we will never get it right, that’s why we are in a state of potentiality. The way to access these gates is simple, It is by meditation and or being in silence. Silence means silence for a few moments every day. In the beginning, it might feel impossible, hard or even torture. Our brain is not used to it and therefore our brain will do it’s best to keep us from being in the state of pure potentiality. Good Luck everyone for stepping out of your comfort zone.
  • The law of giving. Nothing belongs to us and nothing is meant not to be share, NOTHING. The more you give, the more you will receive, it is a universal law. But you say: how can I give when I have so little? Give a compliment, a handwritten note, a phone call, a flower or even a prayer, just GIVE as if your life depends on it because it does. Not giving is like having a blood clot holding the circulation of flow … Does anybody want to experience having a blood clot holding circulation, God forbid? We did not think so.
  • The law of karma, or as we all often usually say about others ‘Karma is a bitch”, what about our own karma in this lifetime or the last? This law simply means that we are shaping our future with every decision we make in the present.. consciously or unconsciously. The more we are mindful of our daily decisions and how it affects not only us but everyone around us, the more we can write the most successful ” and we don’t mean money ” script of our lives.
  • The law of least effort, or as the saying goes, do very little and accomplish a lot or do nothing and accomplish everything. Hard to believe at first, we get it. In other words, stop doing and start being. We are so consumed by “doing ” with closing that deal or buying that car or making x y and z that we forget to just BE. Try being compassionate, supportive, loving, sharing information. Talk less, feel more and always praise, that’s the law of least effort. The slogan ” I work 24 seven ” not only is it physically impossible and sounds oxymoron, but it also makes the person that believes in it less reliable, obtainable and never ever SATISFIED. Does compassion, loving, supportive, sharing, etc require effort? Yes!! The law is only asking us to give up doing not the effort. We got it all twisted.
  • The law of intention and desire, as we always ask ourselves ” why did we get up this morning and what was our intention for the day? We all have desires. Big and small they still desire “, the problem is; if the intention behind each desire is for me and myself alone and not for the sake of humanity….. Is it for the sake of being number one instead of helping my college being number one even if it means I will be number two? These desires most likely will be a short term fulfillment. It’s like eating the best steak in town when we are hungry, eventually, we will be hungry again and never ever satisfied. Being number one or number two makes no difference from a universal point of view, we humans put such great value on the label. It is the energy behind it is what matters. We are so focused on the result we forget the cause/intention and the value behind it. Set your intentions and hopefully, they are for the sake of sharing and let the universe handle all the details. Sit back and watch the magic happens.
  • The law of detachment, this one is one of our favorites. We all want to control the situation thinking and believing that we are in control. To the contrary. the only thing we are in control of is doing our best. Once we start resisting to be right we are not only resisting the situation but we are resisting with the rest of the world. Let that sink in for a moment. The best place to be in is in the unknown, in the uncertain, Not knowing what is going to happen tomorrow, next week or next month. Do you really think you know the slightest idea what will happen tomorrow? Absolutely not, that’s being in the resisting mode. Nothing good ever comes from the resisting mode. In a simple form, do your best and LET GO.
  • The Law of Dharma. Darhrma means purpose in life. If you are not hyper-focus on why you are on planet earth, its time to figure it out, otherwise you are wondering around occupying space with no value. Not knowing your purpose in life does not have to be that complicated, it can be as simple as I want to be a baker and bring joy to people with my baking, or I want to be an artist and bring joy to people with my art. Most of us are wondering around day in and day out shaking hands with our fate and saying “its God’s will “..nonsense we say. We are co-creators of whatever we want. Most of us say .. Show me the money and then I will believe it, We say, no wonder most of us are stuck in law number one. Our true potentiality. Money is a byproduct of what we do, and when we do what we love, then the money is no longer a discussion, worry or fear that cripples most of us.
Feel free to add your comments below and hope you found these seven laws of value. Please follow us on our youtube channel for FREE https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC4nSkfKrtSzXpvsi4oIkk1g?view_as=subscribe