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Hungry For Change !

Posted by Sam August - 17 - 2016 0 Comment

Hungry for change , hungry for what you ask…hungry

I am 54 years old , healthy ( as far as I know ) and always got a perfect score on my annul physical.  In 2016 it was time for my yearly ritual check up with my new doctor in a new city. Nothing changed in my life recently , except I now wake up to the sound of the ocean and go to be with gratitude. I go for bike rides more often and surrounded with a lot less traffic from what I am used to. My diet for years been hardly any red meat , never shell fish , pork or ham and no fried food . I do not  drink soda do not smoke and I work out 4 times a week with racquet ball once a week . Life is good !

Time for my blood work and blood pressure check up. I am in my normal confidante state as I expect nothing but a perfect score as usual. Blood drawn and I returned a week later to go over blood results ,this time the new doctor walked in the room with a puzzled look on his face. He asked :

  • Have you had a physical recently ?

I answered with an over confidant look on my face , yes of-course almost a year a go , my doctors looked ant me and said :

  • You have high blood pressure
  • You are border like diabetic
  • you cholesterol is high

As you can imagine my reaction to his reply, 1st I thought he got the wrong patient but it turns out he had the right patient. Then I said , how can this be ? Doctors never can give a straight answer and 9 out of 10 they rush to the prescription notepad to issue different kinds of medications hoping for a cure.hungry

Hold on I said , I am not a fan of medication and there must be a reason for this. So put your prescription notepad down and let us discuss this. We agreed for me to come back in 3 months while I modified my diet. As if there is a problem with my diet. My doctor made sure to tell me if in 90 days my results are not different, he will put me on some kind of medication.  I love a challenge , I am a Sagittarius and 90 days seemed perfect . I am determined to do this, just not sure how yet.

I took my self home in state of confusion not able to figure out what can be the cause of all this . The following day discussing this deli-ma with my spiritual teacher , she suggested I watch the movie Hungry for change.  I was on Netflix within hours and finished the entire movie . Come to find out my diet is loaded with sugar , sugar for breakfast , lunch and dinner with snacks in between.  It is not the candy sugar kind but the kind  you  find in food after reading the labels.

The modification process started , I cut out hazel nut spread over peanut butter , only use pure Via for sweetener with coffee , added sunflower seeds and flax seeds on almost everything  , Kale became my new green and only fruits for desert. I had no idea if this is going to work out but I had nothing to lose and may be something to gain.

90 days passed and it was time to retake my blood test . This time the results came to a perfect score including my blood pressure , I was not surprised as much as I was by my doctor’s reaction. He seemed disappointed at 1st ( I think his expectations were different ), he actually could not understand how I managed to do this in 90 days . I invited him to watch ” Hungry for change “ . I do not own any stock in the movie and I gain nothing by mentioning its name. That being said , it is always best to get a advise from different places even if that means getting advise from a movie.

Feel free to share your comments below and stay healthy and hungry for change. Change is the only thing that is constant.

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