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Give Yourself Time…It’s Ok To Cry.

Posted by Sam May - 20 - 2020 0 Comment

Give yourself time, it’s ok to cry. Some of us been in isolation for nearly eight weeks now, some totally alone, some elderly with no one to look after them, some with no immediate family members and no network of friends and for most people they are unemployed.

Yes, these realities do exist, not every situation is a person stuck at home with a spouse/partner, children, roommates, or elderly parent to look after. For the isolated ones seeking help or just a conversation comes with guilt, shame, and feeling of the burden that they might be bothering others by asking for help or simply want to engage. We are humans, we overthink everything even in desperate times.

This isolation period often feels like death, it is associated with the possibilities of death. Death comes in different shapes and forms. One is being isolated, feels like living but not alive, this is a form of death in itself. This must follow with some kind of grieve. It is an awkward kind of grieve but never the less, it is grieving. Give yourself time, it’s ok to cry.

Simon Sinek’s recent podcast titled ” Finding Opportunity In Crisis”. These opportunities not necessarily financial although it would be nice. Rather finding opportunities in

  • Building Bridges with new or old friends
  • Helping others by volunteering for those that are also in need.
  • Healing by giving yourself time, it’s ok to cry.

I suggest to put all pride, shame, and guilt aside and commit to :

  • Reach out to one new/old friend a day, regardless of how ll he/she responds
  • avoid texting and all other apps for communications, instead pick up the phone. hear each other’s voices.
  • If you can, offer to do some’s laundry or have he/she use your washer and dryer if they don’t have one.
  • Act of kindness, an act of kindness and repeat

There are a lot of people currently broken and in despair even as some places ease the stay at home order. We MUST remember to be patient and kind with the ones we know or don’t know.

This is a good time to raise our compassion just because ..because, nothing feels like a total waste of time than having to go through the past eight weeks plus some to simply end up being the same as we humans were before Covid19. I hope wherever you are and whatever difficulties you are encountering that soon it will seem like a bad dream and you managed to wake up before it ended.

Free free to leave your comments below and Stay safe. also follow us on Instagram @yosephwest