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Covid-19! What I Have Learned During Isolation. When humanity was celebrating the 2020 new year, the world had begun changing as we knew it. We all now know the statistics and where Covid-19 began, so I will spare you those details.

Fast forward to the end of the first quarter of 2020, where most countries were ordered to stay indoors, panic and anxiety level spiked among humanities while shopper’s greed managed to be in the for-front.

The new normal became known as..staying indoors and social distancing. In layman terms, we/I became isolated. For the ones that are living alone, this brought on a new meaning of being isolated. In my case, I began to dive into a creative process and research different topics, one being: The Name Covid-19. Why the number 19?

Perhaps I had too much time on my hands during isolation, perhaps I might of taking this too far, all I wanted was to find some insightful meaning behind the numerical value of number “19” as in COVID-19. And one thing I know for sure ..there are no coincidences.

I began using my mathematics skills and added 1+9, I got 10. I found out the number 10 symbolizes some historic events as well as significant human characteristics:

  • Responsibility, law, and completeness.
  • Humans born in perfection with 10 toes and 10 fingers
  • The number 10 is used when referring to any kind of ranking or when describing anything that is near to perfection.
  • 10 is about 10 Plagues of Egypt and 10 nations.
  • The Passover lamb was to be sacrificed on the 10th day of the first month
  • The 10 generations in the flood of Noah.
  • The ten commandments “suggestions”
  • The tithe concept, which is 10 “10%”.

I can go on but I will leave it here for now. This might not mean much to some but for me, I do not believe in coincidence. The world is designed in such a matter that everything has a purpose and a meaning.

Speaking of purpose /meaning and on a personal note, during the 1st week of isolation, my brain wouldn’t let me rest unless I figured out what is my personal lesson in this global event? What role do I need to change? Big or small ..no judgment. Until the sound of whispers softly whispered in my ear.

It sounded something like this: For decades you valued your time alone, that time alone turned into isolation by default where it was justified as a healthy thing to do. On the contrary, it is probably one of the unhealthiest behavior an individual can justify. Came Covid-19 and said; since you value your time alone so much, I will give you more time alone to chew on.

What I Have Learned During Isolation

  • one on one conversing instead of texting
  • Listening to others instead of talking by lending an ear
  • A stranger on the street has as much value as a long time friend
  • Justifying too much time alone never ends well
  • Forgiveness, acceptance, unconditional love no matter WHAT

What have you learned about Covid-19 and yourself during this process? Don’t be shy, you never know who you can impact with a few words. Let’s not let this precious life lesson passes us by, we are not meant to be isolated or fragmented. Much love to all and let’s stay connected.