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Project Management, Miami Beach voice of reason As a consultant I meet with small businesses often . To my surprise I discovered ” First Look Solutions PM “ a project management company in Miami Beach caters to condominium associations, property management companies that services residential, commercial and private properties. Coming from the West Coast real estate market , this kind of business is as foreign as serving shark fin soup  [ Read More ]

Practicing Democracy From The Seed Level !

Posted by Sam March - 9 - 2016 0 Comment

Practicing democracy from the seed level   I recently attended a political rally in Miami Florida. It was a Bernie Sanders political rally and yes I am a huge fan but this is not why I am writing this post. It was my 1st political rally in my 50 ish years of existence , the place was backed with approximately 5000 guests in down town Miami, Florida . I felt  [ Read More ]

Flipping Houses With No Money Down, Really ?

Posted by Sam February - 16 - 2016 0 Comment

Flipping houses with no money down, Really ? Have we not learned our lessons from 2009 and previous real estate market crashes ? In the spiritual world ( the 99% realty ) , nothing will last if it is not earned . To make it simple , there is no such thing as a free ride. Humans have a very short memory and want to believe so bad that flipping  [ Read More ]

Miami Real Estate, the 1st to push the pause button… I attended Art Miami 2016 a few days ago , to my surprise it was not the glamorous art or the good looking crowd that got my attention, but rather the EWM Realty International both. My 1st reaction was ;what is a real estate company with a corner red booth doing at Art Miami ? I spoke with Ron Shuffield  [ Read More ]

Miami Real Estate Brokers and their offerings .. I was told recently ” there are as many realtors in Miami as there are cars “, for people that live in Miami that is a lot of cars or a lot of realtors. There is an old wise phrase ” A healthy horse is a well fed horse ” . Applying this phrase to realtors, it would mean  they will perform  [ Read More ]

It Is Not About The Shoes !

Posted by Sam January - 29 - 2016 0 Comment

It is not about the shoes.. As a life coach I make it a practice to be coached myself on regular basis. I like to learn and push myself to the next level, after all if we don’t grow our consciousness remain the same or sometime it shrinks. On my last coaching session ,I was given an assignment to go shop and try new shoes . New shoes I said,  [ Read More ]

Public Speaking: terrifying and exhilarating at the same time. Very few people have a natural apatite for public speaking , the rest might need to over come some of their fears , discomfort , insecurities or doubts and for others , it is just out of the question to speak in public. Recently, I was offered an opportunity to speak in front of the Real Estate council at the Miami  [ Read More ]

My greatest accomplishments: illiterate parents, spirituality and much more…. I think it is time I come clean and share my greatest accomplishments. The truth is I never thought of them as accomplishments until one Saturday morning as I am driving by the beach and it finally hit me . I am the son of illiterate parents , my mom and dad did not know how to read or write. At  [ Read More ]

A Life Coach And Why Now ?

Posted by Sam October - 11 - 2015 0 Comment

A life coach and why now ? We live everyday in a school,it is called the school of life . We all need coaching in one area of our lives at some point or another.  The question is are we willing to let our guards down and ask ourselves the question; where can we  do better in our lives? At 20 years old I hired a therapist , I did  [ Read More ]

Your Authentic Self !

Posted by Sam September - 27 - 2015 0 Comment

Your authentic self was the  theme during Bruce Turkel speech at the 2015 Real Estate Luncheon. It was held at the new 1 Hotel and Homes in South Beach Florida and presented by the Miami Beach Chamber of Commerce. At times it felt like a real estate agents frenzy dominated by Douglas Elliman Brokerage. Bruce Turkel had the 1st slot by speaking to a crowd of 300 guests. Turkel jumped  [ Read More ]