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Real Estate Brokers And Agents Taking Pride In Working 24/7. Not only it is dangerous as I will explain later on, but it is extremely unrealistic and simply impossible. As I traveled through the Real Estate circuit in the last few years in South Florida, I noticed a strange phenomenon in the way Real Estate Brokers and Agents taking pride in branding themselves as a 24/7 he/she. Here is the danger behind  [ Read More ]

Thirty thousand registered real estate agents in Broward and Palm Beach Counties combined. How will you stand out? How will you be different? 1st let’s understand what BRANDING means, most if not all Real Estate agents have the wrong idea of the term branding. Real estate is what you do it is not your brand. People buy what you do because WHY you do it, by why I mean what is your  [ Read More ]

Wilton Manors is Evolving, Growing, and Re-Birthing I always say ” Change is the only thing that is constant”. The city of Wilton Manors: its Population is estimated at 12,773 7,162 Housing Units  5,944 Persons per Square mile  53% of the population owns their home  54% of the City’s Housing Units are in multi-unit structures  The median value of owner-occupied housing units $340,200 Wilton Drive Lane Elimination Project Roadway Construction  [ Read More ]

Wilton Manors Most Recent Real Estate Sale

Posted by Sam August - 26 - 2018 0 Comment

Wilton Manors Most Recent Real Estate Sale Wilton Manors is definitely going through a reinventing , re-birthing  process. Usually that change begins with the real estate market. I saw this in Los Angels during my 25 years career and I am starting to see the change in Wilton Manors . After all ” Change is the only thing that is constant ” . On August 1st , 2018 2100 NE  [ Read More ]

Celebrity Lip Sync Battle All Stars

Posted by Sam August - 20 - 2018 0 Comment

Celebrity Lip Sync Battle All Stars, is a quarterly event to benefit Poverello.  This events was generously hosted by one of Poverello strong supporters and local  business in Wilton Manors ,Hunters Night Club”. It was held on Thursday night August 17,2018 and all proceeds to benefit Poverello . Poverello’s employees and volunteers were working extra hard to make the goal achieved which to raise as much money as possible for  [ Read More ]

What Is A Real Estate Broker ?

Posted by Sam March - 23 - 2018 0 Comment

In South Florida, Real Estate practice is very different from places like Los Angeles , New York and Chicago. Miami Association of Realtors’ (MIAMI) primary, active membership recently expanded from 37,328 to 41,518.  Fort Lauderdale is not that far behind when it comes to active agents numbers. There are lots of fish in the sea, but very few doing very little in order not to be the status quo. Real estate  [ Read More ]

English being a second language and not entering the American school system till Junior High School, it is safe to say English grammar and spelling were not exactly at a perfect score.  However, once a person is gifted with a creative psyche , all the required perfect grammar and spelling goes out the window. In 2002 With some childhood questions gone unanswered, and a driven creative psyche, I began putting my  [ Read More ]

Compassion For High School Mass Shooter

Posted by Sam February - 19 - 2018 0 Comment

If this blog offends you , I apologize in advance. Regardless where you live in the world, most likely you have heard about last week’s high school mass shooting in Florida leaving 17 individuals dead. 19 years old ,Nikolas Cruz opened fire with a semi-automatic rifle at his former high school in Parkland, Florida. He was not old enough to buy liquor but somehow was able to legally purchase a  [ Read More ]

Living in south Florida…. Growing up in Los Angeles with a New York build in energy pretty much sums up my mind set as an individual and what life style I grew up accustomed to. It came a point when the noise of a madding crowd became too much for a man to take..  I love the ocean and everything it has to offer and the need to live in  [ Read More ]

Blessed By The Mystery Of Love

Posted by Sam January - 13 - 2018 0 Comment

Blessed By The Mystery Of Love Two seekers crossed path while walking on the sand and feeling the ocean water below their feet .They kissed for the first time with legs crossed over under neath the water of happiness. It was as if the stars were aligned for cosmic romantic opening to take place. one was sensitive , with his heart on his sleeves, charming with an infectious smile and  [ Read More ]