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As the Coachella Valley rouses from its winter slumber, our desert resort community will come together to celebrate an auspicious occasion – the City of Palm Springs 85th anniversary. From far and wide, our community is invited to celebrate the City’s illustrious past and undoubtedly bright future at a fun-filled, action-packed, all-day-long birthday party. The birthday bash will be held on Saturday, April 8, 2023 from noon to 9:00 p.m.  [ Read More ]

Palm Springs and the Coachella Valley are known for their stunning natural landscapes, luxurious resorts, and world-class events that attract visitors from around the globe. As the summer of 2023 approaches, anticipation for this year’s events is building. This summer’s calendar promises spectacular festivals and parties catering to diverse musical tastes and preferences. From the iconic Coachella to the vibrant White Party, there’s something for everyone in the Palm Springs  [ Read More ]

Avenue 8 Palm Springs, California launched its opening party on Wednesday, April 6th. Avenue 8 is a tech-first, real estate brokerage with offices in Beverly Hills, San Francisco, and New York. The Southern California region prides itself on over forty years of experience with extraordinary leadership. The Palm Springs office, located in the heart of its downtown, is sphered by: Nick Segal Southern California Managing director Alan Long Los Angeles managing  [ Read More ]

The making of a short film called “Going Home” is a short twelve-minute documentary filmed for the most part, in Cairo, Egypt. The film’s purpose is to document the return of a man who is turning sixty and has not been back to visit his place of birth in thirty years. With a complicated childhood and the hunger to fit in the world of Hollywood, California, not going back seemed like the wisest  [ Read More ]

It was recently announced that in the United States, inflation is at its highest since 1991. To be fair, it is also high in most parts of the world. But in the United States, is housing prices sustainable?. Depending on who you ask, you will get somewhat different answers: Sellers and some homeowners feel a huge amount of security and feel as life is in its blissful era Buyers, especially  [ Read More ]

Indian Canyons Neighborhood Home For Sale

Posted by Sam August - 25 - 2021 0 Comment

Indian Canyons neighborhood home for sale. This week’s hot property is located at 2400 S Caliente Drive, Palm Springs California. According to zero.com Indian Canyons neighborhood has A: population of 576 with 60% males and 40% females, and a median age of 65. 2% of this neighborhood is occupied by families with children, 24% single-female families, 36% single-male families, and 40% couples. The home is Stan Sackley inspired with extensive upgrades offered at $2,295,000. It features: Built-in 1978 3 Bedrooms 3.5 Bathrooms  [ Read More ]

Palm springs architectural property found during my real estate weekly outings. With the help of some real estate stars being aligned, there is usually that property that has that “wow” factor. This past week was no exception, developed by local developer “Sam Janis” and situated in the Little Tuscany neighborhood, this 2 story gated, walled, and hedged property is truly the catch of the week. Featuring : 4 Bedroom 4  [ Read More ]

Summer Of 2020. AKA Summer Of Covid19

Posted by Sam August - 28 - 2020 0 Comment

Summer of 2020 will be forever remembered as the ”summer of Covid19.” It was spring leading into summer when humanity needed to adjust its way of living. Every day seemed like groundhog day, some were forced to become creative in order to exist, and others were forced into depression and despair. I experienced both. The perfect description of living in a ” World of Duality.” Decades from now, the questions  [ Read More ]

Los Angeles Real Estate market is soaring due to record low interest rates and low inventory, while homelessness is on the rise. The Los Angeles housing market is more competitive than ever due to first-time home buyers and records low interest rates. The average sale price of a home in Los Angeles was $750K last month, up 0.67% since last year. The average sale price per square foot in Los Angeles is $479, up 2.1% since  [ Read More ]

Ageism Is Prejudice Against Time and is a challenge in the gay male culture. The words ageism and sexism have been used for decades, more so in the past years like in the women’s movement “Me Too”. The truth is; the behavior of the word “Ageism” been embedded in the male gay culture as far back as one can remember. In fact, labels were given to a successful older man  [ Read More ]