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Sam, born in North Africa just a few miles from the Egyptian Nile, moved to Los Angeles at the age of thirteen to seek a better education. That education included an interior design program at UCLA, followed by a job at an interior design firm where he learned what it takes to make a home look beautiful, both inside and out.
Having had the joy of eating at restaurants that felt like home with good food and good conversation, Sam decided to open his own restaurant, Club One Eleven, in Palm Springs, California. Although it was a tough journey to sustain, it was a dream that was definitely fulfilled.
Next, was a career as a real estate consultant—taking his interior design training and applying it to selling homes, he helped buyers and sellers with a vast amount of architectural-style homes. For over twenty-five years this journey continues to play an important role in Sam’s life. During those years, Sam took the time to write his autobiography. Titled “Without Family Ties,” the book is available on Amazon, Kindle, and other different digital outlets.
In addition, Sam wanted to create a space where he could interview wise guests with valuable life lessons to share with the world. This gave birth to the “Signature West Podcast,“ available on most podcast platforms.
 Sam appreciates relationships and stands by to offer information/ advice/perspective to you, your friends, and your family as needed.